This is a famous glitch by Apple, and a lot of users are complaining about this issue. Moreover, those people who have clicked”OK” without reading the error message could later determine that they made the wrong option. Bear in mind that if you click on the”OK” button on this error message, then your iPhone will be wiped clean, which also means to eliminate all data saved on your phone entirely.

Reasons why iTunes Can’t read the material of this iPad or iPhone

Until now, Apple does not have the specific motive on why this error message keeps popping out on several devices. But according to experts’ suggestion, this could be because some files are improperly written by third-party software.

The first solution you might want to try “iTunes can’t read the contents of this iPhone” error message is to close your iTunes and disconnect your device. Completely uninstall the program and reinstall a fresh one. After installation, reboot your PC and try to connect your iPhone again. Make sure that the USB cable is fitted correctly. If this doesn’t solve the problem, work the next solution.

Use Apowersoft Phone Manager

The program is a one-stop phone management software which can manage, transfer, backup iPhone data. If iTunes failed to read of your iPhone, you might use it to sync your iPhone content with iTunes. To resolve the issue, please make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes.

Restore your device to original factory settings

If the above methods still didn’t work, it’s time to give your iPhone some fresh start. The easiest way to do this is to connect your device “iTunes cannot read the material of this iPad or iPhone” pops out, click the”OK” button and wait until the wiping process finishes.

You could also tap the “Settings” icon on your iPhone and tap “General”. Scroll down below until you see the”Reset” button, tap this and choose”Erase all contents and preferences”. Confirm your action and wait until the process completes. When you decide to restore your device to its original factory settings, all data stored on your handset will be completely erased.

First try to delete one song from your playlist, and turn off/on your device. This will hopefully overwrite the corrupt database file. Try connecting to iTunes again and see if that does it.

1) Download/Install “i-FunBox” which gives you control of the iPhone’s file system from your computer.

2) Open i-FunBox and search for iTunesDB or iTunesCDB. They should show up in a folder, ie; /var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes

3) I had to rename”iTunes DB””iTunes control” and”iTunesPrefs” in my iPhone 4 before mine sync would go to iTunes again. It’s always advisable to rename those files in case you want to return or revive them. If for any reason you can’t rename them, then delete them as a final resort.

DO NOT rename or delete anything besides those three documents!!!

Keep in mind you WILL LOSE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY. Everything will be OK, though. (contacts/notes/apps/etc)

4) Open iTunes again and reconnect your device. Voila!