Apple Computer, with recently won a lawsuit brought by Apple Records, the firm founded by the Beatles, was amazed to find Itself instantly hauled back into court to face a struggle by an

Gesturing to his acres of citrus blossoms, he continued, “My father began this apple orchard More than a hundred decades ago, and we have had a photo of an apple Using a bite from it across the side of the roadside farm stand for nigh Onto seventy-five decades. So Far as I am concerned, these Silicon Valley Slickers have infringed on my copyright and about the rights of apple growers.”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded, “I hope we can set this suit supporting us because we have always loved farmers. In all honesty, I acknowledge we did not devise an apple Using a bite taken from it. It is among our least original thoughts. That is why we always need to defend it. Would have chosen a more peculiar fruit, like a Kiwi or perhaps a Start fruit.”

The farmer wasn’t pacified, insisting, “Once I get done with those cagy fellers, they will be sorry that they ever set eyes in an apple.”